thomas rudy

Why I Choose Duda Over WordPress For Small Businesses

I have been an advocate of WordPress for over a decade. For our business, WordPress is the perfect blend between ease of use, technical simplicity, and a content driven CMS that just works. We’ve built sites or migrated sites with millions of active users, tens of millions of visitors a month, and parallel that effort … Continued

How To Build A WordPress AJAX Login and Register Without A Plugin

Getting a WordPress login system to work with a plugin is easy enough, but in some instances you may want to do it yourself. This is especially true with how WordPress plugins can often add considerable bloat. Currently, Google is prioritizing speed and usability more than ever, with what is called Core Web Vitals. Because … Continued

All CSS Dropdown Menu – WordPress Friendly & 3 Levels Deep

There are a ton of dropdown menu plugins, examples, downloads, and places to find them. Still, many of them are tricky to implement and often require a lot of customization to get them to work with WordPress. So, here is my version, which in my opinion, gives a dropdown menu in a very simplistic form. … Continued